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Results of the 2nd Kyushu T-shirt Design Contest!
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Results of the 2nd Kyushu T-shirt Design Contest!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the "2nd Kyushu T-shirt Design Contest ," which called for T-shirt design proposals under the theme of "Enjoy Kyushu!"!
During the period, 300 works were collected from all over the country.
All of them were wonderful works full of local love, and all the staff had a lot of fun selecting them.
Thank you very much to everyone who applied!

As a result of the selection process, the winners were determined as follows.

Grand Prix
We represent Kyushu!
Title: We represent Kyushu!

Author: Harry

design concept

Illustrated historical figures with connections to Kyushu. I put "REP RESENT KYUSYU" at the top because it means "representing Kyushu" and I wanted to express a casual and frank atmosphere with the feeling of being introduced by a rapper or MC. By the way, the members are Takamori Saigo, Shiro Amakusa, Kiyomasa Kato, Toshimichi Okubo, Kanbei Kuroda, Yukichi Fukuzawa, Francisco Xavier, Atsuhime Tenshoin, and Philipp Franz von Siebold from the upper left.

All the historical greats who symbolize Kyushu!
The touch of the illustration was also gorgeous, and I was able to have a sense of intimacy.
Even if it is designed on a T-shirt, it will give a bright impression.
This grand prix is ​​a round of applause for the 9 people who made the foundation of a fun Kyushu and the author.
by Judge

Outstanding performance award
Suzuka Nomura

Author: Ryoka Nomura

Title: Kyushu Pizza Party

Based on the concept of "Let's enjoy Kyushu with family and friends!"
I put the specialty products and characteristics of each prefecture in Kyushu on pizza ingredients.


Author: Ryo

Title: Sasebo Burger

I ate when I traveled to Nagasaki four years ago,
Designed with a memorable Sasebo burger as a motif.

Mr. Cheapmaker

Author: Cheapmaker

Title: Colorful Kyushu

"Kyushu" is represented by arranging nine deformed characters of "State".
It is a riddle-like design.


Author: JORiOT


Comic (Tokiwa-so style) + pop graphics were created based on the concept of a familiar Art museum.


Author: Shuga

Work name: Mentai-chan

I'm happiest when I'm eating delicious food.
With the motif of mentaiko, a specialty of Fukuoka,
I drew a character with a loose atmosphere.


Author: Riko Haruki

Title: Any excuse is forgiven today T-shirt

The dialect of "batten = but, but"
I put it in a fashionable one-point logo.
The dialect is cute, so there is no doubt that any excuses or complaints will be tolerated.

Mr. Murasaki

Author: Murasaki

Title of work: Kumamoto

It is a logo of the character "Kumamoto" that looks like a pattern.
The tightly packed typeface is conscious of the stone walls of Kumamoto Castle.

Mr. Saki

Author: Saki

Title: Mentaiko

I drew a silkscreen style "Mentaiko" with Andy Warhol in mind.
Mentaiko is delicious for both pasta sauce and pizza topping.

Mr. Saga

Author: Sagami


This is a picture of a hot air balloon floating in the sky of Saga.
Combined with cosmos flowers, it makes me feel happy.
It is an image that the white part of the cloud and the T-shirt are connected.

Mr. Kusayama

Author: Kusayama

Title: Banzai Kyushu ~Olympic bid logo style~

We have created a colorful wreath that incorporates the specialties and famous places of Kyushu's seven prefectures.
It's already been a year since the Tokyo Olympics, but I've wrapped the impression as it is with Kyushu's specialties.

Editor's Note

Thank you very much for submitting more than 300 works this time!

All of the submitted works were filled with the goodness and affection of Kyushu, and they all made me feel happy. Thanks to everyone's works, we were able to discover the charm of Kyushu that we had not even noticed.

There will be days when things don't go as planned, such as events being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but I'd be happy if I could "enjoy Kyushu" even just a little.

The Grand Prix work will be adjusted for commercialization. I would be happy if you could find it in your city someday! We also hope to be able to hold the third event, so please continue to support us.

To all winners

All prize winners will receive a prize notification email from
Some people did not receive the email, so if you see this article, we would appreciate it if you could contact us from the inquiry form.

  • The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the author.
  • Personal information obtained at the time of application will not be used for purposes other than judging submitted works, notifying winners, and announcing award-winning works, and will not be provided to other companies.
  • If it turns out that the award-winning work is the same or similar to the work that has already been published after the award has been decided, the award may be revoked.

Please use the inquiry form for questions and consultations regarding this matter.
*We do not accept inquiries regarding screening. Please note.



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