How to send an e-gift


Give a local T-shirt as a present!


We have prepared local T-shirt catalog gifts (e-gifts) for Fukuoka, Saga, and Oita!

With catalog gifts (e-gifts), the recipient can choose the product and size of their choice.
You want to give it as a present, but you don't know the size or preference... Don't worry!

If you send the "receipt URL" via LINE or email, you can send a gift even to someone who doesn't know their address!


How to send e-gifts that allow you to send gifts via LINE or email

A service that allows you to send a gift to someone without knowing their address by sending a receiving URL via LINE or SNS. Send the e-gift receipt URL issued after purchase to your recipient on LINE or SNS.
The recipient does not need to register as a member; just enter their address and the desired product will be delivered to them.

How to send an e-gift 1

A dedicated URL will be issued after purchase. The giver sends the URL to the person they want to give the gift to via LINE or email.

How to send an e-gift 2

The person who receives the URL will be asked to enter the necessary information such as the shipping address from the receiving page.

How to send an e-gift 3

Your gift will be delivered to your designated address at a later date.