Novelty Planning

Please leave the local T-shirt and novelty planning for your city to us.

We plan products that accelerate love for the region.


Creating a sense of community unity with items that resonate with others

We have gone from an era where "good things" sold well to an era where "things that people feel connected to" and "things they can empathize with" are chosen.

At Local T-Shirts, we are planning original goods and novelties that are tied to the region.


What are local goods?

We can provide OEM packages for apparel products such as T-shirts, stationery, novelties, processed foods, and more.

[What we can provide]

  • Product planning
  • Production of promotional materials such as special websites and flyers
  • Planning direction for collaborations with local companies, etc.

Would you like to make effective use of local items?

Local goods from the region are highly compatible with SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, and can be expected to have a ripple effect after the product is distributed.


Planning flow


Email inquiry

Please tell us your request. After checking the content, we will respond within 2-3 business days. If you are in a hurry, please use the telephone.


We will discuss the details in an online meeting.

Suggestion and quotation

We will propose a plan according to your budget. Depending on the content, we may decline your request.

Planning progress

We will set up a kickoff meeting and proceed with the planning.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone talk to me?

Currently, this is limited to private companies and government agencies.

Can you handle it in any region of the country?

Basically, we cover the entire country, but depending on the region, it may take time to conduct research.

I would like you to participate in the competition

We will respond depending on the details only in the case of direct transactions.

Inquiries about local T-shirts and novelty projects

We usually respond within 2 business days.
If you do not receive a reply, we may not have received your inquiry correctly.
In that case, please send it again or contact us by phone.

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Please feel free to contact us.