affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is a system that allows you to receive compensation based on the results of purchasing products through affiliate advertisements posted on your site.
Would you like to become an affiliate partner of Local T-Shirts?

Local T-Shirts offers you access to our exclusive affiliate program.
Please check the steps below for how to register as an affiliate.

【please note】
Affiliate membership only applies to purchases made within the local T-shirt online store.

Affiliate registration method

  1. Access the affiliate registration page and enter your email address and password to register.
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  2. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered, so click the link in the email.
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  3. After clicking the link, log in from the affiliate login page.
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  4. From the settings screen, enter the necessary information such as your name, owned media, and reward receiving account, and click "Save".
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  5. You can introduce us on your own website or SNS using the referral link in the management screen "Dashboard".
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If you have any questions, please also refer to the user manual .


Can it be used on any site?

Sites related to the following content cannot use the affiliate program. Please note.

  • Sites with anti-social content
  • Sites that engage in illegal activities
  • Sites with content that violates copyright or portrait rights
  • Sites that allow resale of products

Can I get paid just for posting ads?

You can only receive commissions if a customer visits your site and purchases a product through your advertisement.
Therefore, you will not receive compensation just by posting advertisements on the site.

Will anyone who applies get approved?

We are conducting a review to determine whether we are suitable as affiliate partners.
Please note that not all applicants will be able to use the affiliate program.