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Kyushu T-shirt contest results announced!

Kyushu T-shirt contest results announced!

Kyushu T-shirt Design Contest Winning Works Announcement

We are pleased to announce the winners of the "Kyushu T-shirt Design Contest" , which solicited T-shirt design proposals under the theme of "Cute Kyushu"!
During the period, 320 works were collected from all over the country!
Thank you for submitting so many cute, cool, and funny works full of love for Kyushu.

As a result of the selection process, the winners were determined as follows.

Grand Prix
Kyushu girl
Title: Kyushu girl

Author: Kojiro Tanaka

design concept

Fukuoka Motsunabe / Mentaiko / Oita Momiji / Kabosu / Saga Fiddler Crab / Mutsugoro / Nagasaki Champon / Castella
Kumamoto horse sashimi, mustard lotus root / Miyazaki Hinata summer, mango / Kagoshima satsumaage, millet's round herring (two specialties from each prefecture in Kyushu)
By using local products as accessories, we made it possible for the viewers to find out "what prefecture and what is drawn" and enjoy it.

Comments from local t-shirts

The Grand Prix is ​​convincing with the idea of ​​mixing special products from each prefecture of Kyushu like camouflage and the expressions of beautiful women from Kyushu! Various elements are included, but it is a beautiful work that seems bright and energetic when you see it.

Semi-Grand Prix
Title: Amabie

Author: Mr. Yamashita

design concept

The theme is to make Kyushu cute, so I drew a cute character using the shape of Kyushu. The motif of the character is Kumamoto's yokai Amabie, which has become a hot topic on the internet as a yokai that calms epidemics. The world is in a dark mood due to the coronavirus, so I designed it with the hope that the cute yokai of Kyushu will brighten it up.

Comments from local t-shirts

A work that naturally mixes Kyushu with "Amabie", which responds to the social situation caused by the new coronavirus, which coincides with the timing. The legend of Amabie was born in Kumamoto, and the design that prays for the end of the tradition won the award.

Outstanding performance award
Ayaka Shiota

Author: Ayaka Shiota

design concept

I made it with the motif of the prefectural flower of each prefecture in Kyushu.


Author: hitolijam

design concept

The concept is Kyushu fruit girl.


Author: Fukurie

design concept

Each prefecture in Kyushu is applied to animals like a puzzle.


Author: sucreusagi

design concept

When you think of Fukuoka, you think of ramen. An extra serving of balls!

Mr. Nobuhiko Kuroki

Author: Nobuhiko Kuroki

design concept

"Even a dead end can be a destination." This expresses the charm of Kyushu.


Author: juno

design concept

The concept is unique to Nagasaki, rain and cats, and the humanity of the people of Nagasaki.


Author: glasses

design concept

Author: I drew a child eating Miyazaki's mango "Taiyo no Tamago".

Ayaka Shiota

Author: Ayaka Shiota

design concept

"Yokayoka!" We designed the dialect heard in each prefecture of Kyushu in a pop style.

Kenta Kakikawa

Author: Kenta Kakikawa

design concept

I tried to pursue a symbolic expression that allows you to enjoy local things.

Mugi Hyuga

Author: Mugi Hinata

design concept

The design is based on the theme of Kagoshima prefecture's shaved ice shirokuma.

Mr. Cheapmaker

Author: Cheapmaker

design concept

The old country names of Kyushu are arranged in the shape of Kyushu, and Chiku, Yutaka, and Hi are colored in front and back respectively.

Editor's Note

Thank you very much for all the applications!

You can feel the love for Kyushu in all 320 works.
I was made to feel "a love for the hometown that is reminded again" .

The Grand Prix work will be adjusted for commercialization.
I would be happy if you could find it in your city someday!

I would like to have this kind of opportunity again.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To all winners

All prize winners will receive a prize notification email from
Some people did not receive the email, so if you see this article, we would appreciate it if you could contact us from the inquiry form.

  • The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the author. In the case of commercialization, we will discuss the "usage fee".
  • If you submit an idea such as text, the copyright belongs to the design creator. In the case of commercialization, we will discuss the "idea fee".
  • Part of the design of the Grand Prix winning work may be modified or altered.
  • Personal information obtained at the time of application will not be used for purposes other than judging submitted works, notifying winners, and announcing award-winning works, and will not be provided to other companies.
  • If it turns out that the award-winning work is the same or similar to the work that has already been published after the award has been decided, the award may be revoked.

Please use the inquiry form for questions and consultations regarding this matter.
*We do not accept inquiries regarding screening. Please note.



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