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[Novelty] Potage like Nagasaki Goto as a gift!

[Novelty] Potage like Nagasaki Goto as a gift!

Customers who spend 2,000 yen or more on this site will receive "Goto Potage" on a first-come, first-served basis!

For those in the know, try the potage soup "Goto Potage" made from the delicious sweet potato "Goto Potage" harvested in Nagasaki Goto!

The novelty will be delivered together with the purchased product.
* Novelties are on a first-come, first-served basis and will end as soon as they run out.

Local T-shirts introduce not only local T-shirts, but also recommended products from Kyushu as novelties!
What is Gotoimo Potage

The rich potage soup, made with sweet potatoes grown in the rich soil of Nagasaki Goto, is perfect for breakfast or dinner. Please enjoy the gentle taste of "Gotoimo", which is carefully grown without the use of pesticides.

Package design by Hiroshi Nagai

The package design by Hiroshi Nagai, which depicts the sea seen from Uozugasaki Park in Goto, is also a recommended point!

How to serve [In the case of a hot water bath]
About 5 minutes in the bag after boiling
[For microwave]
About 1 and a half minutes at 500W. About 1 minute at 600W.
Do not open the bag as it is, but be sure to place it on a plate with the steam vent facing up.
Raw material name Potato paste (grown in Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture), milk, onion, butter, consommé, salt, yeast extract, dextrin (contains milk components in some raw materials)
Allergy information milk component
Internal capacity 160g x 4
expiry date 1.5 years from manufacturing
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Sterilization method Seal in an airtight container and pressurize and heat sterilize
☆ Notes *This product uses roasted sweet potato paste. There are black floating substances, but there is no problem with the quality because it is baked potato skin.
*The color may differ due to individual differences in the potato paste used.
*The heating time varies depending on the machine and the number of W (watts), so adjust accordingly.
*Be careful not to cut your hand with the edge of the bag.
This product is a retort pouch food. No preservatives are used, so consume immediately after opening.

Campaign details

Period: From December 3, 2020 (Thursday) to being held Target products: Presented to those who shop 2,000 yen or more on this site.

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