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I cooperated with the costume for the drama "Disguise Adultery".

I cooperated with the costume for the drama "Disguise Adultery".

We cooperated in the costumes for local T-shirts and original T-shirts in the drama "Disguise Adultery" starring Anne, which will start at 10:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10th on NTV.
In episodes 2, 4, and 5, Anne wore a local T-shirt.

Meganebashi T-shirt

Meganebashi T-shirt

Arita T-shirt

Arita T-shirt

from disguised adultery

A live-action drama adaptation of LINE Manga's original work "Disguise Adultery" (written by Akiko Higashimura).

The original is a full-color vertical reading work by Akiko Higashimura, a manga artist who created many hits such as "Princess Jellyfish" and "Tokyo Tarareba Musume".
It depicts the “clumsy and earnest love pattern of modern women” that begins with a “forbidden” encounter between an Arasa girl, Shoko, who is tired of marriage hunting, and a young and kind Korean boy, Jo Bang Hee. Until now, it is being serialized in "LINE Manga" free serialization.

The starring of the drama is Anne, an actress who starred in "Mai Hanasaki is silent" in the July 2015 term.
The main character, Kaneko, is an around 30-year-old “solo girl” who is tired of trying to get married. When she happens to meet a handsome younger man, she immediately lies to him and says that she is "married," and she continues to struggle clumsily due to the limited-time love that started from that lie.

*Image from press release

Impersonation Adultery 1 (BUNSHUN COMICS x YLAB)
Higashimura Akiko



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