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We provide BAKACHINGA tote bags for crowdfunding by Hakata doll makers who make Yamakasa.

We provide BAKACHINGA tote bags for crowdfunding by Hakata doll makers who make Yamakasa.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa is a festival in Hakata with a history of nearly 800 years, originating in 1241, and has been designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. Every year, from the opening of the Kazari Yamakasa festival on July 1st to the Oiyama mountain on the early morning of the 15th, nearly one million tourists gather in the Hakata area of ​​Fukuoka City.

Hakata doll makers have been working on making new dolls for the Yamakasa festival in July every year, but due to the postponement of the festival in 2020, all doll production for this year has been postponed.

However, Hakata's man is not the only one who is sad here.

Hakata doll

One of the most representative works made by Hakata doll makers is the “good luck” . Seven Lucky Gods such as Ebisu and Daikokuten, as well as Fukusuke and Ofukusan are famous. Among them, Fukusan is one of the designs that symbolize Hakata dolls.

With the motif of "Otafuku", which is said to be auspicious, Fukusan was made to bring good fortune. It has been loved for a long time as one of the representative designs of Hakata dolls, as a symbol of good luck and good fortune, as it is connected to the character "Fukuoka".

Inspired by the origin of this good fortune, we will breathe new life into it and use it as a "prayer doll" to "pray for the end of the new coronavirus."

Local T-shirts offers BAKACHINGA tote bags to support Hakata's representative festivals and traditional crafts. All the collected funds will be used for ordering work to Hakata doll makers, producing return items, and shipping costs.

tote bag

Coronavirus idiot! tote bag

Advance reservations are being accepted on the crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE" until July 15th!
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