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Classic plain T-shirt "Health Knit"

Classic plain T-shirt "Health Knit"

A super classic plain T-shirt, a plain T-shirt from the United States "Health Knit".

There are two types of classic T-shirts, thickly knitted using American cotton, the "7550" without pockets and the "7551" with pockets . Both come in three colors: white, gray, and navy.

The carefully selected material makes use of the characteristics of tenjiku knitting, and the surface has beautiful lines on the top, bottom, left, and right, and the lining has a comfortable finish. Like the "Tenjiku knitting" used in knits, etc., it has elasticity in the horizontal direction, and the side of the body part has "no seams", which only health knits with round body specifications can provide. Offers.

health knit

Health knit is finished with a special product wash to prevent shrinkage that is unique to new products and to emphasize the unique dry texture. The difference in materials stands out because it is a classic and traditional crew neck T-shirt. There is a classic tag sewn on the back of the body. You can see the sewing thread from the surface of the T-shirt. This playfulness is also a popular point.

health knit

▼Health Knit Heavyweight – Plain T-shirt (mail order page)
▼Health Knit Heavyweight – Plain pocket T-shirt (mail order page)



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