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Introducing colorful caps in the shape of Kyushu!

Introducing colorful caps in the shape of Kyushu!

New Kyushu cap colors, 5 new colors added!

A colorful Kyushu cap with the silhouette of Kyushu embroidered on the front of the cap.

The embroidered part is designed with reference to the boundaries of the feudal domains during the Sengoku period. However, the colorful color scheme that does not feel such a background is cute. A trendy shallow cap. Comes with an adjuster for easy size adjustment.

Following on from beige and brown, we added 5 new colors: black, light blue, light pink, white and khaki.

kyushu cap

We also recommend simple black, white, khaki that goes well with any fashion, and pop light blue and light pink that will accent your outfit.

▼ Kyushu cap (mail order page)

Click here for the Fukuoka cap version



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