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[Saga] We will open a store at Miyaki Music Festival on May 26th

[Saga] We will open a store at Miyaki Music Festival on May 26th

On May 26th (Sunday), we will open a Kyushu T-shirt store at the outdoor festival "Miyaki MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019" held at Nakahara Park Baseball Stadium in Miyaki Town, Saga Prefecture. Only "Saga T-shirt" will be exhibited on the day.

Miyaki MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 features live performances by 9 groups of gorgeous artists such as PUFFY, Haji →, HAN-KUN from Shonan no Kaze, Ms. Events such as Miyaki Shokudouraku and Miyaki Sake Brewery Market are held with the themes of flowers, salmon, and music, and you can feel the charm of the city.

Miyaki Town is a small town with a population of about 25,000 located in the eastern part of Saga Prefecture.
This is an opportunity for everyone to experience Miyaki Town, which is a small town but has a big charm.

Event overview

"Miyaki MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019"
Period: Sunday, May 26, 2019
Venue: Nakahara Multipurpose Plaza Baseball Field Address: 5905-1 Harakoga, Miyaki-cho, Sanyoki-gun, Saga Prefecture
Time: Open 10:00 / Start 10:30 / End 20:30 (tentative)
Fee: General 5,000 yen / Junior high and high school students 3,000 yen
Advance tickets are discounted by 1,000 yen / Free admission for elementary school students and younger
Organizer: Miyaki MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 Executive Committee Inquiries: 0120-144-503 /
Sponsor: Boatopia Miyaki Planning and Production: Hikari Gumi Co., Ltd. Cooperation: NPO GREEN'S
Supported by: Miyaki Town, Kamimine Town, etc.


“Flower” A elaborate production that colors the night with fireworks that look like large sunflowers.
"Food" Saga beef, Etsu from the Chikugo River, botamochi from Ayabe...we hold "Miyaki Shokudouraku" where delicious and delicacies that can only be eaten here gather.
“Miyaki Sake Brewery Market” is a place where you can fully enjoy sake unique to this area where some of the best sake breweries gather.
"Sound" Special performers from various genres create the happiest sound space.


Sales period: Play guide advance tickets will be sold from March 20 (Wednesday) to May 25 (Saturday) Sales locations: Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, 7-Eleven and other major play guides

Performer introduction


Debuted in 1996 with the single "Asia no Junshin" produced by Tamio Okuda. On Cartoon Network, the anime program with them as the main characters "Hi! Yes! Puffy Amiyumi” has been broadcast in more than 110 countries around the world, and she is active on the world stage as a Japanese pop icon.

HAN-KUN from Shonan no Kaze
HAN-KUN from Shonan no Kaze

Attracted many music fans as a soloist and vocalist of Shonan no Kaze. He has traveled back and forth between Jamaica and Japan, participated in numerous compilation albums and other artists' works as a guest performer, and has also performed as a solo act after performing an overwhelming number of stages from outdoor festivals to clubs.


DJ & MC, track maker. Born in Tokyo, lives in Okinawa. He has appeared in numerous events both in Japan and overseas with a wide selection of songs and a unique MC style that is genreless, such as EDM, HIPHOP, and rock. Worked on track production and production for MOOMIN, RYO from ORANGERANGE, and other artists.


A hip-hop group consisting of 4 MCs + 1 DJ, living in Nagoya. 1st full album "Do You Know? ” debuted at No. 1 on the Oricon chart for 2 weeks in a row, becoming a big hit with over 800,000 copies sold. As a HIPHOP artist, he also held a nationwide tour of 47 prefectures for the first time.

$TAX RECORDS (2017-12-06)

Haji →
Haji →

In March 2013, the single "Only One. 』Major debut. In 2017, completed a hall tour of 12 performances in 12 locations nationwide. The style of singing like rapping and rapping like singing is the one and only Haji → World who calls himself a “singer-song entertainer”.

The BK Sound
The BK Sound

Reggae selector, producer. Activities as a back selector for Shonan no Kaze, and made a major debut as a solo artist in 2010 with the 1st album "One". In 2015, he started the DJ unit "Monster Rion" with SONPUB. Lock the scene with a sense of the scene and vibes that bring the audience together.

The BK Sound
For Life Music Entertainment (2011-07-06)


"Be..." was selected as the theme song for the TBS Friday drama "Renai Neat ~Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata~" and won first place on the Oricon album daily chart for the first time. Like Hikaru Utada and Hibari Misora, she has a silky voice of "1/f fluctuation", which is said to give people a healing effect.

Universal Music LLC (2014-05-28)


One of the first to cut into the major field and always open up the scene since the word "Japanese reggae" didn't even exist. While incorporating various genres into reggae, they are supported by a wide range of people beyond the framework of reggae with their sweet voice quality and beautiful melodies.

Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. (2014-08-20)

Yoshida Brothers
Yoshida Brothers

Ryoichiro Yoshida Born July 26, 1977 / Kenichi Yoshida Born December 16, 1979 Born in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido. Both of them started learning the shamisen at the age of five, and since 1990 they have studied under Takashi Sasaki I, a Tsugaru shamisen player. Major debut in 1999 with the album "Ibuki". Since then, he has released 13 albums.

Yoshida Brothers Best 2 -2005-2009-
Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. (2014-04-01)


  • Bringing food, drinks, alcohol, and cooler boxes is prohibited.
  • Performers may be canceled or changed without notice.
  • Posting of photos and videos of the performing artists to SNS etc. is prohibited.
  • Please note that videos and photos taken at the venue may be made public.
  • Entry with pets is not allowed.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any incidents, accidents, thefts, injuries, etc. that occur on the premises.
  • Please note that tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances.




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