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Parisi must-see!? "NO TEQUILA, NO LIFE" for tequila lovers

Parisi must-see!? "NO TEQUILA, NO LIFE" for tequila lovers

"NO TEQUILA, NO LIFE" There is no life without tequila!

A T-shirt that loves tequila, available in four colors: orange, white, black, and heather gray.

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I would like to say that, but tequila is a premium liquor made only in Mexico under strict regulations.
A tequila t-shirt for everyone who loves tequila.

Not only Sauza and Cuervo, which are famous in Japan, but also 100% agave premium tequila is very popular among celebrities overseas. The news that George Clooney bought a tequila company and Justin Timberlake produced tequila became a hot topic.

"Tequila" is made in the Tequila district of Jalisco, Mexico, and only alcohol that has cleared numerous regulations is allowed to give its name.

In and around the area commonly known as Tequila Village , a large amount of agave, which is the raw material for tequila, is cultivated.

Tequila T-shirt

Agave is a type of "agave" that resembles a cactus. It is cultivated over a period of 6 to 7 years and harvested by a craftsman called a himador. When the leaves are removed, the piña, which resembles a pineapple, becomes the base for tequila.

Tequila T-shirt

Even the "length" of the dropped leaves changes the flavor of the finished tequila, so it seems that each manufacturer has detailed specifications.

Tequila T-shirt

There are many distilleries in Tequila Village, from world-famous distilleries such as "Sauza" to small workshops that make rare tequila.

Sauza TequilaWith the manager of Sauza Tequila

With the manager of Sauza Tequila

Many tequilas and mezcals are lined up in the bars of the city, and the locals enjoy the taste of tequila even in the middle of the day.

tequila barflag

This is a way of drinking called Bandera that reproduces the Mexican flag.
Bandera means flag in Spanish.
The right is a tomato-based sangrita, the left is a lime chaser, and your favorite tequila is in the middle.

Mexican flag

The lime is originally a green skin, so it is the same as the Mexican flag.
After the sourness of lime and strong tequila, Sangrita is the chaser for a soft mouthfeel. You can enjoy various expressions of tequila.


When I visited a Mexican friend's house, there was a treasured tequila warehouse!
According to him , “Most Mexicans have it.” Is it true? !

tequila guinness record

From Guadalajara, the capital of the state, to Tlaquepaque, you can see that the city itself loves tequila, such as a tequila store that has the world's largest number of products certified by Guinness World Records, and a store that has a museum of vintage tequila.

tequila store

Now, want to know more about tequila? ?

If you are interested in tequila, or if you like tequila, let's get into the cheerful Mexican mood together with a tequila T-shirt!

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