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"Bathing" T-shirt unique to hot spring prefecture!?

"Bathing" T-shirt unique to hot spring prefecture!?

Oita Prefecture is said to be a sacred place for hot spring lovers, such as Yufuin and Beppu.

Recently, the name "hot spring prefecture" has become established, but of course there are many T-shirts unique to hot spring prefecture.

The T-shirt with the familiar "hot spring mark" printed on the front is a hot spring T-shirt by "Select Bep", which handles fashionable design miscellaneous goods in Beppu. Show off your love for hot springs! The "Mixed bathing world" printed on the left sleeve looks like a simple gold print, and is a special piece that uses a special color of glittering reflective material.

Hot spring mark T-shirt

On the other hand, this is also a big hit item from Beppu's popular apparel shop "Murakamien".

Bathing City T-shirt

A t-shirt that pays homage to New York City is also familiar with street fashion. Look for original T-shirts in Beppu Onsen town!

▼ Bathing City T-shirt (mail order page)
▼ Hot spring mark T-shirt (mail order page)



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