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SNS campaign is being held!

SNS campaign is being held!

If you post a photo of our T-shirt or hoodie on Instagram or Twitter, you will win a Starbucks card by lottery.

To apply , simply follow the local T-shirt SNS account and add one of the hashtags . We will contact the winners via DM.

Present contents

starbucks card

Get a Starbucks card by lottery!

The design is a region-limited "FUKUOKA version". The traditional navy blue color is reminiscent of Hakata-ori, and depicts people enjoying a meal at a food stall. A limited design that can only be obtained at stores in Fukuoka Prefecture. The Starbucks Card is a prepaid card that can be used at Starbucks stores throughout Japan.

End of April 2020
End of July 2020
End of October 2020
The end of January 2021 After the deadline, we will inform the winners by DM.

Application method

-Follow the official account

Follow our official Instagram account @local.tshirts or Twitter account @local_tshirts .
In order to check the contents of the post, a "public" account is a requirement for entry.

- Post a photo

Hashtags "#Fukuoka T-shirt", "#Saga T-shirt", "#Nagasaki T-shirt", "#Kumamoto T-shirt", "#Oita T-shirt", "#Miyazaki T-shirt", "#Kagoshima" Post with either T-shirt, #BAKACHINGA, or #Bakachinga .

-Complete application
Application completed

After the application deadline, the winners will be decided after a careful drawing.
Winners will be notified via DM.

* Results will be announced via DM, so please be sure to follow the official account.

Post example

SNS post example
SNS post example

We are waiting for a lot of applications!



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