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T-shirt size chart

T-shirt size Applicable size
XS size (= kids 160) Equivalent to women's M-L size
S size Ladies L ~ Men's S equivalent
M size Equivalent to men's M-L size
L size Equivalent to men's L-XL size

adult t-shirts

size Height Body wrap shoulder width Sleeve Length
kids 160 63cm 46cm 41cm 18cm
S size 66cm 49cm 44cm 19cm
M size 70cm 52cm 47cm 20cm
L size 74cm 55cm 50cm 22cm
XL size 78cm 58cm 53cm 24cm
XXL size 82cm 61cm 56cm 26cm
L size (wide silhouette) 73cm 61cm 55cm 26cm
XL size (wide silhouette) 76cm 64cm 57cm 27cm

children's t-shirts

kids size Approximate age height
70 3-6 months 65~75cm
80 6 months to 1 year old 75~85cm
90 1 to 2 years old 85~95cm
100 3-4 years old 95~105cm
110 5-6 years old 105~115cm
120 7-8 years old 115-125cm
130 9-10 years old 125-135cm
140 11-12 years old 135-145cm
150 13-14 years old 145-155cm
160 Over 15 years old 155-165cm (Ladies' size M)