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[End] Kagoshima T-shirt gift campaign held!

[End] Kagoshima T-shirt gift campaign held!

A popular “Kagoshima T-shirt” gift campaign will be held in the NHK Taiga drama “Segodon”!

For our Twitter or Instagram followers, we will present Kagoshima City T-shirts to 2 people by lottery!
We are waiting for a lot of applications! Please see below for how to apply♪

present prize


KAGOSHIMA CITY T -shirtA Kagoshima City T-shirt that appeals to the city of Kagoshima that you love. Next to the CITY logo is that mark familiar to Kagoshima residents. Add the historical town of Kagoshima to the playfulness of fashion.

For more information on prizes, please see the page below.

Application period

From Friday, September 7, 2018 to Sunday, September 30, 2018 Winners will be notified by DM. Please specify the color and size you would like.

Qualification requirements

Those who can follow new Twitter or Instagram followers Those who tell us their name, address, and contact information via DM after winning (will not be used for anything other than shipping products)
Those who live in Japan and can communicate in Japanese by message

Application method

(1) Follow the @Local_Tshirts account (2) Retweet this tweet (3) Add the hashtag #Segodon to increase your chances of winning!

(1) Follow the @local.tshirts account (2) Post a comment on this post

If you have set it to private, please make it public.
We do not follow up for confirmation. If you apply, please set it to public until the winner is announced.

For details, please check our Twitter or Instagram account.
We look forward to receiving many applications.

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