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色: ブラック
サイズ: S
Sizing guide






素材 : グレー(綿80%・ポリエステル20%) そのほか(綿100%)


サイズ 身丈 身巾 肩幅 袖丈
Sサイズ 66cm 49cm 44cm 19cm
Mサイズ 70cm 52cm 47cm 20cm
Lサイズ 74cm 55cm 50cm 22cm
XLサイズ 78cm 58cm 53cm 24cm
2XLサイズ 82cm 61cm 56cm 26cm
size chart

For items other than T-shirts, please refer to each product page.

T-shirt size chart

T-shirt size Applicable size
XS size (= kids 160) Equivalent to women's M-L size
S size Ladies L ~ Men's S equivalent
M size Equivalent to men's M-L size
L size Equivalent to men's L-XL size

adult t-shirts

size Height Body wrap shoulder width Sleeve Length
kids 160 63cm 46cm 41cm 18cm
S size 66cm 49cm 44cm 19cm
M size 70cm 52cm 47cm 20cm
L size 74cm 55cm 50cm 22cm
XL size 78cm 58cm 53cm 24cm
XXL size 82cm 61cm 56cm 26cm
L size (wide silhouette) 73cm 61cm 55cm 26cm
XL size (wide silhouette) 76cm 64cm 57cm 27cm

children's t-shirts

kids size Approximate age height
70 3-6 months 65~75cm
80 6 months to 1 year old 75~85cm
90 1 to 2 years old 85~95cm
100 3-4 years old 95~105cm
110 5-6 years old 105~115cm
120 7-8 years old 115-125cm
130 9-10 years old 125-135cm
140 11-12 years old 135-145cm
150 13-14 years old 145-155cm
160 Over 15 years old 155-165cm (Ladies' size M)
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The shipping method varies depending on the number of items you order. Please note that you cannot specify the delivery date/time .

The product will be shipped from Kyushu.
It may take some time depending on the destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical store?

The only physical store is the "Kyushu T-shirt Store" , which is held for a limited time in various parts of Kyushu. Please refer to the following page for future events.

▼Kyushu T-shirt store

Event information will be announced on our website and SNS ( Twitter / Instagram ). You can shop at our online store all year round.

Not enough items have arrived

Due to the convenience of shipping products from each store, products may arrive separately. The arrival time also varies depending on the product. If "some items have not yet arrived", there is a possibility that they are still in the process of being delivered. We apologize for the delay, but we kindly ask for your patience.

I want to specify the date of receipt

The item will be delivered to your mailbox. Date and time designation is not available.


Make the city cute

We are planning T-shirts with Kyushu designs.
Our goal is to create items that will make you laugh and spark conversation.

Japanese Hand Printed T-Shirts

Original items are produced at affiliated factories in Fukuoka City, Saga City, Nagasaki City, and Kumamoto City, respectively.

We use Kyushu ingredients as much as possible.


A gift case is available for the T-shirt for a fee. If you wish, please add gift wrapping to your shopping cart.

Kyushu T-shirt store


Kyushu T-shirt store where local T-shirts filled with local love of Kyushu are gathered together.

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